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The Art & Trauma Workshop is an abbreviated version of our UCLA Art & Trauma course. The workshops are performed in either full or half-day formats, and are designed to be conducted at colleges, universities, or other organizational settings.

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The primary question, once again, is how severe trauma shaped the artistic visions that developed in its wake? A small sample of artists, who fall into four categories of severe trauma (psychiatric institutionalization, slavery, child sexual abuse, and war) are introduced, and the manner in which trauma is embedded in the brain and stored in memory is thereafter explored.

The big difference between the UCLA course and the workshop is largely pedagogic. The UCLA course is ten weeks long and includes extensive readings. The workshop, in contrast, is condensed to either a half or full day session.

3-hour workshop at Leiden University in The Netherlands on 3/19/19

The other significant difference between the two is that the workshop puts greater emphasis on creative output. Participants are consistently urged and allowed to respond to the content of the workshop through a number of class projects and exercises. The hands-on component, and the diversity of the participants, is yet another distinction between the UCLA course and the workshop.

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